Kathy Jarosz LCSW, "Marriage-Friendly Therapist"
I will help you save your marriage!                                          Phone: (415) 482-9796
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My mission is to inspire people to find and use their personal power to make changes in their intimate relationships rather than feel stuck in denial, blame and pain.  I want to share my strong conviction and experience that we are fully in charge of the way our relationships work, therefore we can change them, by changing ourselves, if we want to.  We are in charge of our own outcomes!  Our relationships improve when we first develop our inner relationship with ourselves.  There is nothing more gratifying or empowering.

…And it is a beautiful thing to watch.

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Give thought to your goals for counseling.  Ask yourself what kind of relationship you want with your partner.  Describe it to each other.  That way you know what you are shooting for.  Ask yourself what you will have to do differently to create the relationship of your desire. 
Don't be shy about calling to talk about your situation or ask questions.  It is important to take a step and not wait.  Most couples wait an average of 6 years before they make the call.  That is unfortunate and unnecessary.  And if your spouse will not attend with you, call me anyways.  We can brainstorm on the best way to invite him or her.  That can often be successful.  And if our strategy fails, I STRONGLY recommend you attend by yourself.  It is a myth that you must have your partner there to make any change.