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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction issues have surfaced much more in therapist’s office in the past few years.  Couple’s counselors are seeing more couples struggling with the painful issues of loss of trust, sexual abandonment, betrayal, etc., due to the sexual addiction of one partner.

The term “sexual addiction” has gained increased acceptance and acknowledgement within the mental health field in the past several years.  A common manifestation of it currently seen frequently by therapists are husband’s who are using internet porn compulsively, sometimes to the exclusion of their partner’s.  Other forms of sexual addiction or compulsions include multiple affairs, anonymous sex, unsafe sex, cybersex, use of prostitutes, obsessive dating through personal ads, sexual harassment, etc.

Sexual addiction is often used to describe an individual who has behaves sexually (or thinks) in ways that are compulsive.  Like other addictions, the individual is prone to denying the existence of the problem and will continue the behavior despite adverse consequences to other areas of their life (financial, health, social, emotional and legal).  Sexual addiction can destroy a person’s relationships and can become increasingly risk taking and dangerous.

Sexual addiction can be treated and couple’s can learn to reestablish their relationship.  Therapy can assist both partners in dealing with the past and establishing healthy intimacy.  Therapy may go through various stages of healing.  The most difficult part can sometimes be getting the addicted individual into therapy in the first place.   Unfortunately, this may not happen until there is a crisis.

If you or your partner are dealing with a sexual addiction, seek help as quickly as possible.  If your partner is an addict, seek professional advice on how to get them to participate in treatment with you.  Often, I can strategize with the initiating spouse to get the partner in.  I can coach the initiating partner on ways to get their message across to their partner positively, and help support them to come to their first session.

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