Kathy Jarosz LCSW, "Marriage-Friendly Therapist"
I will help you save your marriage!                                          Phone: (415) 482-9796
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Our relationship challenges push us to grow and teach us critical life lessons.
  • Have you and your partner stopped communicating? Are you stuck, arguing in circles about the same issues?
  • Are you more distant from the love that initially brought you together?
  • Do you fear you have fallen out of love? Or your partner has?
  • Has your partner been having an affair?
  • Does your mate have an anger problem?

The above scenarios are common concerns I see in my practice.  My specialty is couples therapy and divorce prevention. I show couples how to rediscover the magic that brought them together and build on that. Whatever the issue, an affair, chemical dependency, sexual concerns, I strongly believe that most issues between couples can be resolved with care, attention and a plan!

I am also an expert in dealing with the common situation where one partner is more motivated than the other, or only one partner is willing to come. I can coach you on how to motivate your partner to want to come in.  The sooner you make the decision to get started in therapy, the better. Most couples wait too long and then later wished they hadn’t.  Go to my Services section for more information.  But please note, even if your partner won't come, it is very likely that I can help you turn things around.

Client Testimonials:

"I never thought we could get through this.  I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your help."

"I have been to other therapists for this problem and as a result, I no longer had faith in the profession until I worked with you."

"We feel confident in the changes we have made.  We talk on a regular basis now and we feel close again.  We can't thank you enough.  Your support meant more than you will ever know"

Groups Offered:

Are you looking for ways to make your relationship stronger and happier?  Would you like to stop quarrelling and have more fun with your partner?  Join us to find out how.  See below for the two group programs. 

I offer a group specifically for women called Save Your Marriage.  This group is for women who want to create more ease, joy and intimacy with their partners. We cover important topics that women often need help with, and the mutual support helps you stay on track to change patterns. The group meets on Tuesday's at 11:30-12:30 in San Francisco.

The Keeping Love Alive Program is an eight session program that teaches couples the critical skills they need to overcome impasses in their relationship. You will learn foolproof ways to have more harmony and satisfaction with each other. Don't wait to call as space is limited to keep the group size small. The group meets on Monday evenings from 7-9 pm. Please call with questions or to arrange an intake meeting for the next program. 

Call Kathy to discuss your particular concerns at
(415) 482-9796
or email her
directly at kathy@couplescounselingworks.com.

What is a
“Marriage-Friendly Therapist” and why should I care?

Therapy Works!

Over 40 years of research consistently shows that people who go into therapy do better than 80% of people who do not.* Many
people have very poor understanding of the research backed effectiveness of psychotherapy because the mental health field has done a poor job of educating them about it.

So, like any good investment, the time, money and energy you put into therapy is very likely to give much more back to you. We know that the quality of your relationships has a tremendous effect on one's well being, fulfillment and even life span!

After 29 years of experience and multiple successes I can say it's almost never too late to save your marriage!  I show couples the necessary steps they need to take to heal and create the relationship of their desires. Please refer to the Articles I have written and the Testimonials section to learn more about common concerns and what to expect.   

For drug and alcohol issues, be sure to pick a therapist with solid experience in this ares. To learn more about my approach to substance abuse go to my article on addiction.

For more information, please call Kathy Jarosz LCSW at (415) 482-9796 or send an email to:
kathy@couplescounselingworks.com.  If you call we can discuss your particular situation and decide together what would be best for you. If your partner will not agree to come, please be sure to call as well.  Very often there are ways to turn that situation around and motivate your partner to attend with you.  

Even if your partner is unwilling, and that doesn't change, you can make great progress by coming in yourself.  I have had many clients turn their relationships around by themselves.  It takes a dedication to things getting better and that may be exactly what you've got!