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Marriage-Friendly Therapists

Kathy Selected to Exclusive Marriage-Therapist Registry

News! I am very excited about being added to the only marriage-friendly-therapists registry for advanced marital therapists in the United States. These therapists are part of the new movement called marriage-friendly-therapists.  

Sometimes couples give up on their marriages before really even trying to make use of couples therapy.  Often, these couples are basing their decisions on the many myths that circulate in contemporary society about marriage problems and divorce.  Many people seem to think that participating in two to three couples therapy sessions means that they have tried to fix their marriage. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Though marriage counseling need not always take a lot of time, it does take courage to make changes.  This is the hard work that many people never partake in and later deeply regret.  About 40% of divorced people have regrets. Part of my role is to educate people about their choices and the common pitfalls that they can avoid. This is what the term "Marriage Friendly Therapist" refers to. Though the decision of whether to marry or divorce is always up to the individual as it should be, providing education that can greatly reduce the misconceptions about marriage and divorce is, I believe, a key role the therapist can play.

For more information regarding this registry please go to www.marriagefriendlytherapists.com.

Each therapist on the registry has been assessed for the competency in marital therapy in particular.  In addition to possessing a active license and appropriate background, the therapist must also have been specifically trained in marital therapy.  Unfortunately, this is not the norm for the majority of therapists providing couples therapy!

Some of the leading marital therapists in the United States are endorsing this registry including Sue Johnson PhD and Michele Weiner Davis MSW.

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