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Individual Therapy

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Relationship issuestrouble communicating, conflicts, arguments, loss of intimacy, feeling “stuck in a rut”, considering divorce, affairs (scroll down to the section on Relationship Therapy for One Partner).
  • Depressed moodssad, no longer feeling pleasure in activities, feeling unmotivated, tired, thinking negative, can’t concentrate, tearful
  • Anxiety or panic -- can’t stop worrying, nervous often, irritable, tense, afraid to leave the house, sudden intense fear, phobias
  • Sadness over a lossloss of job, relationship, illness, a sudden change, fertility issues
  • Lonelinessfeeling alone while in a relationship, social isolation, problems meeting people
  • Drug or alcohol issuesyour use of drugs or alcohol is increasing or causing a problem for you in your life
  • Compulsive behavior problemshoarding, smoking, eating, sexual addiction, shopping
  • Family problemsproblem with children, confusion about parenting methods, dysfunctional communication
  • Work stress increasing demands, difficulty with supervisor, career stagnation
Many times people will seek counseling for one of the above problems or a combination of them. Often people will wait too long before seeking professional help. Many people are skeptical that therapy can help them. I am always happy to let people know that research backs up therapy all the way!

It can be good to know that help is readily available, but you must make the first move. You can feel rest assured that, over the last twenty plus years I have likely worked with many individuals, like yourself, who are struggling with the same issues. I find the best way for us to connect for the first time would be on the phone. Please feel free to call me at
(415) 482-9796. Or, if you prefer, you can send me an email. I will be happy to respond to any questions you may have.

What to Expect from Therapy

Your therapy will be guided by your particular needs, concerns and personal dreams. I will also take into account any previous experiences you may have had with therapy. Research shows that the therapeutic approach needs to feel right to the client so your comfort with it is of paramount concern for me.

Clients find they benefit more quickly from therapy when they have specific tasks to accomplish during the week. It could be something like recording your anxiety levels during the week, practicing being more assertive or keeping a journal between sessions. Clients often report great benefits from these assignments such as increased confidence, much more insight into the issues that brought them into therapy, and being more effective in their relationship dealings. So, in essence, the more you put into your therapy, the more you can get out of it…just like everything else in life!

During your therapy, I will discuss with you whether a referral could be helpful to you. You may benefit from participating in a support group, or working with another type of professional. I will make myself available to coordinate your care with any another therapists or doctors involved in your care. I believe that you will benefit more quickly from therapy, if your health practitioners collaborate. I consider the calls and letters I make to other professionals, to be a priority and an important service I provide to my clients. (Of course, the collaboration happens with your knowledge and permission).

Relationship Therapy with One Partner

I have tried to emphasize on this website that doing relationship therapy with only one partner is very feasible, high productive and much, much better than not getting help at all. It is a popular misconception that you cannot improve a relationship without both partners being present. Indeed there are many schools of thought out there, but let’s just use common sense for a moment. Everything we do in our relationships affects the relationship, ourselves and the other person. It is very easy to see, when we step back and think about it, that our partners are always reacting to us. Even if they have a serious issue of some sort, the way we deal with it can make all the difference in the world, and can help to change our partner’s life as well as our own.

So, do not use your partner’s reluctance to participate in therapy as a reason to not get help! If there is one psychological factor that affects us and our health the most, it is the quality of our relationships. I can teach you skills and new ways of thinking to help free you and empower you in your relationships and your life. That is why, in fact, I chose my tag line for my practice to be “empowering you to have happier relationships”. I feel passionate that even in situations where people feel things are hopeless, stuck or too far gone, getting professional help and doing the work of it, can give you a new lease on life. Many people seeking divorce now have not actually done the work of it and go on to experience the same problems with the next partner. They did not take the time to understand why the marriage deteriorated or they took little or no responsibility for it. Don’t let that happen to you! Getting help is a sign of strength, not “weakness”. Therapy is not just for problems, it is mainly for growth.

If you are reading this, you are on the right track. Many times people need to ask a question or two before they are ready to make an appointment. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to call me at 415-482-9796. Or, feel free to email me below. In either case, I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading my website information and best wishes to you.

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